Sharpen is where designers hone their craft

Sharpen is a free design challenge generator used by tens of thousands of designers worldwide to practice and teach graphic design, UX, branding, and more. We generate millions of short, quick-to-use mock design briefs for fast, efficient practice sessions.

Founded in 2017 by designers formerly at Google, Sharpen aims to make high-quality practice briefs accessible and easy to get started with. Our format of lightweight, practice client briefs mirrors the design challenges that top startups, universities, and Google’s onsite interview process use to evaluate how designers approach open-ended creative problem solving.

Instead of padding our design briefs with irrelevant fake client content, Sharpen generates shorter, open-ended design briefs that challenge designers to focus on the principles of design. That’s why so many STEM educators, hiring managers, and mentors choose Sharpen.

We’re committed to democratizing access to design education with the free, principled tools we wish we had when first learning design.

Thanks for checking out the project - we can’t wait to see what you make.

- Arman & Anthony