6,306,144 design challenges and counting

Sharpen is where designers hone their craft

Founded in 2017, Sharpen.design is a free practice tool for designers and creatives. We help people improve their skills by creating randomly generated design challenges to help them think outside their comfort zone.

While preparing for interviews at Google, Arman found it difficult to practice for the curve-ball design challenges many companies use to evaluate candidates. He resorted to writing various parts of simple design prompts on paper, mixing them up in two hats, and pairing two slips to create a challenge. The strategy worked, and he eventually landed a job at YouTube.

Teaming up with a fellow self-taught designer, Anthony, the two built out a digital version of the paper slip exercise. After much refinement and simplification, the first version of version of Sharpen.design was shipped to the world. After 24 hours, the tool landed on top of the daily Product Hunt feed and the /r/design community on Reddit. Over time Sharpen would be shared by DribbbleShopifyTheLogoSmith, and a fair amount of others.

Aside from Sharpen, we’re just two friends who really care about the future of the design industry. Since we’re both self-taught, we wanted to share our practice tool with others who might be struggling early on in their path - just like we were.

Our little weekend project has become something we never could’ve imagined, and we’re so grateful for everyone who continues to propel Sharpen forward.

Thank you - and we can’t wait to see what you make.

- Arman & Anthony